The Power of Inner Listening
Inspirational Monthly Topics
from Mirabai Devi

We invite you to delve more deeply into your evolutionary growth with Mirabai Devi's monthly spiritual teachings and content. Purchasing a monthly topic is a golden opportunity to absorb Mirabai's teachings and offerings so that you may cleanse your physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies.

People come from all over the world so that Mirabai will help them with health issues, spiritual awakening and activation, past life clearing, soul retrieval, Light activation, and to heal their minds and bodies.

When purchasing a single month, you will select the topic of your choice from a menu of spiritual subjects. The topics cover core-issue subjects, including Self-Love, Forgiveness, Releasing Financial Burdens, Self-Worth and Worthiness, Surrender, Letting Go of Control, and many more.

Each monthly topic is $72, and includes a variety of nutrient-rich content in the form of Mirabai's teachings, as well as Light transmissions, guided visualizations, a teleconference call recording, mantras, prayers and affirmations, written exercises, articles, and more.

We invite you to end the inner struggles and open your heart, mind, body, and spirit to permanent, transformational healing.

Mirabai has over 30 years of experience working with individuals from all over the world with countless stories of miracles that occurred from her sharing her gifts.

Join today.

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