The Power of Inner Listening
Inner Listening Retreat
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An Extraordinary Experience to Help You Move Through
Extraordinary Times

A 3-day Online Retreat to Remove Blocks that
Create Obstacles To Your Inner Guidance

Wouldn’t you love to be so familiar with your Inner Voice that you can recognize it instantly and depend on it always for guidance? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could separate the sounds of distracting chatter and ego from the true and deep inner voice so that you can always be present to your Divine Self?

Imagine how incredible it would be to recognize the babble of your ego and the voice of your inner critic and sweep them aside from your mind so that your Divine Inner Voice can be heard as the primary voice.

Attaining all this is not wishful thinking.
Join the Inner Listening Retreat, and let Mirabai Devi guide you to your Divine Inner voice.
It is a call that takes you to a different plane of existence, where your spiritual levels of awakening, restore your relationship with your Higher Self bringing about an outcome of the Highest and Best In Life.

An Extraordinary Topic for Challenging Times

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This is the first solo retreat from Mirabai after many years. It is specially designed to help you navigate the challenging, anxious, fear-driven external environment that the world is passing through. For this specific reason only, Mirabai has chosen this time for the retreat to help you open the pathway to Inner Listening.

After you join the Retreat and learn how to recognize your inner voice, your Divine Self speaking, the voice that guides you, you will find that you are way more at peace and in tune with yourself. You will constantly feel that you are tuned in and centered to the core, due to the high level of self-trust developed from attaining deeper wisdom. When you trust your inner being and guidance, you will reduce anxiety and stress and enhance wellbeing at all levels.

Benefits from the Inner Listening Retreat

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Several outcomes and benefits come from joining the Inner Listening Retreat. You will learn to trust your Inner Voice and can thus connect with the Divine being within you. You will be able to understand the flow of messages that you receive from your Divine Self. This inner knowledge will be your beacon, guiding you through every conceivable trial of pain and suffering in your life.
Once you join this special retreat you will easily be able to:
  • Release Karma, Old Actions causing harm from the past and old Patterns and Outdated Belief Systems
  • Release and Transmute Limitations and blocks, Old Pain and Suffering, keeping you small and trapped
  • Connect with Your Soul and The Divine Light
  • Heal the Mental and Emotional Bodies from stress, emotional baggage and deep rooted Separation
  • Open the Heart to Self-Love and Unconditional Love
  • Enhance Faith and Trust in yourself and the Divine
  • Raise your Vibration up into the Light
  • Open and Clear the Ways for Connecting with the Divine Self, God The source Of ALL Life
  • Experience Greater Joy, Positivity, and Inner Peace

What You Get from this Unique Retreat

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  • Light Transmissions and energetic healings with Mirabai Devi
  • Lightwork Spiritual, Ascension and Inner Listening Teachings
  • Ego Eradication
  • Breathwork and meditations to cleanse the energetic and subtle bodies
  • Guided exercises
  • Deep, intimate sharings
  • An intimate experience of community in a virtual setting

The Inner Listening Retreat with Mirabai Devi resulted in the removal of blockages that shielded my perception of who I am at the core of my being. It’s becoming clearer that I’m not just a body with a personality and preferences but something much bigger, infinite, and eternal.  I have a renewed and increased interest in awakening to my own nature, the Absolute, and also to get to know the Divine in its many subtle, manifest forms.

The program also opened the capacity of the heart to be more open and loving resulting in a lessening of negative mental judgements of others.

An anonymous Retreat Participant experience

How can you be a better person
through this special Retreat?

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Dear Beloved Friend,

Inner Listening is a very important process in the development of your spiritual relationship with God. You can deepen your evolutionary growth through this special Retreat.

This Retreat is for you if you are seeking to remove the blocks to hearing your Inner Voice, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a journey within and find out what is real for you, by tuning into the voice of the Divine within.

This Retreat is for you if you long for the deep internal experience and connection with the Divine Self and to deepen your path to faith, trust, and Love.

The invitation is to connect with the Divine within.

What is Real is Always the Divine.
Always your Inner Voice.
Always your Inner Self, the God Self.
Find Out What is Real For You



Inner Listening Retreat

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What to Expect from this Online
Self-Empowerment Program

Welcome to the 3-day Online Retreat from Mirabai Devi.
If you are finding yourself in inner turmoil, confused, frustrated; if you feel lost and in despair; if you seek to be able to discern ego chatter from inner knowing, then this retreat is for you.

We are living in increasingly polarized times, causing angst and anxiety. Unfortunately, all the external noise and external circumstances are moving us away from instead of toward the inner voice, making it harder and harder to discern.

This retreat is about Inner Listening -- the attention to our inner voice that is the source of wisdom, grace, and guidance. The retreat will serve to reorient your attention, awaken your awareness, and help you see more clearly how the ego is prone to take over and overwhelm that quieter inner voice.

As you engage in inner listening, the voice that speaks to you from source, from a place of truth, is easier to hear and recognize.

Join Mirabai on this powerful retreat recording that focuses on removing the blocks to hearing your Inner Voice and Guidance, and the blocks that prevent you from a more advanced journey with yourself and the Divine.

With the help of the Divine Light, the pathway to Inner Listening, Inner Knowing and Inner Truth will open.

Day 1 - Introduction, Breathwork, Guided Visualization, and Teaching.

On this day, Mirabai Devi’s teaching concentrates on What is Inner Listening, The Nature of the Ego, Learning About the Different Ego Voices, and Our Daily Experiences in Today's World.

The focus is on the SELF, the one vast entity linked to all things, loves you beyond comprehension, your biggest supporter, and always wants the best for you.

Day 2 - Prayer Practice, Mantra Practice, Inner Listening Practice, and Exercises, Light Transmissions

On Day Two, you will go more deeply into cleansing and clearing some of the obstacles that keep you from developing your relationship with the Divine Light and with your GodSelf. From there you will go on to practice the relationship with your GodSelf and clearly defining its wisdom and Guidance.

Day 3 - Teaching, Meditation, Inner Listening Practice and Exercises, Wrapping-Up the teachings of Mirabai

The day will highlight Discernment, Separating Out the Voices of Judgment, Stepping Out of the Boxes, Listening to the Gut-Brain, practicing the relationship with your GodSelf and clearly defining its wisdom and Guidance. Practicing Sovereignty, and Going Into the Silence.

All Participants will receive:

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  • Video (Zoom) & Audio (MP4) recordings
  • Inner Listening Partner Exercises (Written & Video Recorded)
  • Inner Listening Individual Exercises (Written)
  • Inner Listening Guided Visualizations (Recorded)
  • Mantra Practices (Written & Recorded)
  • Affirmation Practices (Written & Recorded)
  • Forgiveness Prayer practices (Written & Recorded )
  • Cleansing and Breathwork techniques (Recorded)

Only $450 for this package!

Questions about the retreat? Please call us:   (760) 216-1029

The Inner Listening retreat with Mirabai Devi was an experience of a lifetime. I spent time prior to the retreat in preparation so that by the time we began the cleansing techniques I felt ready and open to receive from the Light. The retreat gave me a complete road map to go Within, and I felt as though Mirabai was guiding me through every step of the process. I feel as though I’ve become filled with far more clarity, and compassion for myself, and a deeper understanding of Who I Am in relationship with God. Now I am practicing the technique daily to learn to more clearly discern the voice of my true Self and its guidance. This has entirely changed the direction of my Life.

An anonymous Retreat Participant experience
Having completed Mirabai Devi's Inner Listening Retreat I would like to unequivocally recommend this retreat to anyone who is interested in delving into distinguishing what is their ego and their True Inner Voice, so as to offload that which is weighing them down in their progress toward inner expansion, lightness, freedom, clarity of vision and fulfillment. And rather focus on a Life Following Divine Guidance which brings far greater ease and Grace and certainly has done so in my life after practicing these techniques. This is the “graduate level” program that you have been looking for.

An anonymous Retreat Participant experience

Frequently Asked Questions

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You have gone through how the 3-day Retreat will cleanse your inner being and help you to connect with your Divine Self. Here are some answers to the questions that might pop up in you, knowing which will enable you to better understand the teachings of Mirabai Devi

Inner listening is listening to the still, small voice of God within you. It maybe the softest and subtlest voice in your head, because it may present itself as quieter than the other voices.

The inner voice is the voice of our guidance. It is our inner guide that is showing up to show us the way. It’s the deepest inner-most truth that we’ve ever known.

There are so many different ego voices that come from the different fragments that make up our persona. We need to separate out the judgmental voice and the expectation that our inner voice comes with rolling thunder and lightning. This illusion has tripped us up and dismantled our self worth, causing destructive and harmful belief systems in our youth and many, many adults.

That is the purpose of the spiritual path. We are on this path to remove these programs that limit us, that keep us in a perpetual state of being conditioned robots in a programmed existence, instead of being free. And yet, the ego is fighting harder to separate from the Divine to become even more separate. The more the ego can keep us in separation, the more the ego is in control.And so this brings us back to the inner truth of our being: to be free from other people’s judgments and criticisms, to be free from other’s expectations of us and projections onto us.

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