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Transform ANY Situation in Your Life
Private sessions are your one-on-one personal time with Mirabai where you receive focused attention on what you directly need help with in your life right now.

If you need to shift, to change, to grow, to transform any situation in your life, a private session is your unique opportunity to get intense attention and expertise placed on that which is inhibiting or blocking your progress – whether that is energetic, karmic, emotional, psychological, or physical or all of the above.

Private sessions can address physical health issues or ailments, emotional blocks, spiritual aspirations, issues with work, relationships, sexuality, addictions, finances, kundalini care, self realization, spiritual awakening, and more. You can also ask for help for family members, pets, animals or others as well as yourself.

It greatly helps if you get clear before your session begins on what you most want assistance with. In fact, the more specific you can be, the better, and more than one issue is recommended.

The Divine Light can and does move mountains and as the saying goes, “ask and ye shall receive.” You must ask in order to receive help.

Once you communicate all your requests for the session, Mirabai will usually address them using a range of modalities, like spiritual readings, Light and energy work, combining any of these healing modalities during your time together:

Personal Process Work: This includes working on improving your health, relationships, finances/ abundance, spiritual awakening, life purpose, kundalini awakening, self realization and Samadhi to name a few.

Spiritual Reading: During a reading Mirabai puts vision on you, shares with you what she sees that is blocking you and maps out what needs to be worked on as well as uncover unseen or hidden information about you and your Akashic Records. This may also include revelations. The purpose is for you to learn your Life lessons and and proceed with your Inner work.

Lightwork: Mirabai will assess what you need and use specific tools perhaps to dissolve blockages, cut cords, work with Light beings, clear negative energy, open the heart and activate the chakras to open portals, landing spaces of lights. Lightwork can include past life regression, soul retrieval, illumination and Light Transmission. Mirabai will also work with etheric color gels that clear negative energy memories, hurt, neutralize pain or trauma.

Energy Work: Includes cutting cords, clearing & activating chakras, psychic surgery, removing blockages, and clearing Samskaras, patterns and stuck or frozen places, inner child work, opening the heart, clearing negative energy, removing entities, communication with souls of loved ones and family members on the other side, helping souls cross over to the other side, inter-dimensional travel to access knowledge or for soul communication, past life regression, and soul retrieval.

Light Transmission: The Divine Light works on your needs directly and opens pathways of permanent transformation and healing. You can lightly hold a specific intention or focus when she is in prayer/Light transmission for you and allow yourself to open to receive the Grace that is being offered to you, with humility and gratitude.

Spiritual Practices and Techniques: Some examples of some practices that Mirabai may give to you during your session include mantras, forgiveness prayers, affirmations, guided visualizations, breathwork, journaling and self inquiry.

 Experience this powerful opportunity for profound healing, guidance and direction on how to move forward in your life in a positive way!
Private sessions are offered in limited time slots on a weekly basis. To book a private session or a series of private sessions, we encourage you to secure your spot(s) right away.
Private Session Prices for One Hour
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To book a session, call the Office at
(760) 216-1029

OR email us at:

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The Spirtual Mentorship Program was amazing! Layers of limited thinking and dusty old belief systems were easily removed resulting in improved mental clarity, increased physical energy, and a deeper spiritual connection. Thank you Mirabai! RJ

Change the Trajectory of Your Life . . .
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To book a session, call the Office at
(760) 216-1029
OR email us at:

Having nearly completed Mirabai Devi's 1st 2020 Mentorship Program I would like to unequivocally recommend this program to anyone who is interested in delving deeply into their personal “baggage” so as to offload that which is weighing them down in their progress toward inner expansion, lightness, freedom, clarity of vision and fulfillment. This is the “graduate level” program that you have been looking for. FJ

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