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Nurture and Enrich Your Spiritual Practice

With our guided Monthly Membership Packages that are specifically designed to help you elevate your soul. You know what you need when you see it – and we’ve got some options for you!

Topics for Personal Study

What do you need help with the most?

Choose a theme from our array of topics, materials, and bundles that will most serve you in these times of uncertainty. Designed for your higher guidance, support & your spiritual development.

Online Courses and Teleconferences

Step deeper into your divine purpose

Experience life-changing, exclusive live programs and teleconferences that have been created to help you connect to the Divine Light and embody higher consciousness. Heal yourself and be held in a beautiful container of Love.

Meditations and Audio Recordings(Transformational Media)

Access powerful insights, spiritual guidance & wisdom teachings through our many MP3’s and written materials and expand your library of transformational tools and resources. Over time, having your ever-expanding collection will prepare and directly assist you with any tools that you need for any situation that you may find yourself in. Think of these as your devotional library to draw from any time you need to re-mind, reset, restore, or realize. These tools will be here for you to draw on for Life.

Private Sessions

Mirabai’s guidance, healing, energy work, light transmission, and spiritual intuitive readings create an effective and immediate change in people, producing radically transformative results – People seek these out from anywhere in the world. Experience deeply penetrating shifts during a one-on-one session with Mirabai and give yourself permission to awaken from victimization to liberation and freedom and break the Cycle for you and For Your Lineage!!

Multi-Day Retreats

There is no better way to embody & bring into daily practice your Deeper soul work & profound personal breakthroughs than by activating these incredible, transformational spiritual healing retreats. Being ready is more that just saying yes, it is a commitment you must make to yourself about changing your life, and there is no better way than a multi-day retreat. Work with Mirabai directly to achieve exactly what it is you most desire to have, shift, change or alter completely in your life.