10 Ways To Instantly Activate
and Awaken to a More Conscious
and Fulfilling Life Right Now

Be the awakened being of Light who also transforms the
world around you, bringing Joy & Peace

Yes, this can be you!

Join us Online:

Wednesday, October 26th at 8:00 pm EDT

THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL to rise up with your COMMUNITY and assist humanity by heralding and facilitating the great awakening. Humanity is being slapped awake in a jarring manner with the world events that are coming so fast - forcing us to be ready and prepared. The Light is also accelerating its entry into our Earth. The time is truly NOW.

In this exclusive webinar, Mirabai will offer quintessential insights into her entire collection of teachings and will share her gifts to illustrate ways that you can heal yourself and awaken, moving from darkness into Light. You will receive a Divine guidance teaching along with prayers, affirmations, and a Special Light Transmission to uplift your vibrational frequency, while also grounding yourself with tools that you can apply going forward to navigate through your awakening process.

We are being asked to remember who we are and why we came here. Join us for this fascinating exploration of ourselves, as beings of Light who came here from other dimensions and worlds to bring the Light to heal our beautiful planet, ourselves, and others so that we can transmute the darkness and chaos through this Accelerated Ascension.

WE MUST AWAKEN before we can be of Service to others!

Each of Us Has a Role To Play

You are the Way-Show-er and are being called to hold the Light for your families and Communities with new soul-utions. In this Transformation process the dark gets darker but also the Light gets Brighter and we get to choose which way we want to go and make a conscious and clear choice!

In This Webinar, here’s what you can expect to experience:

  • A Divine guidance Teaching
  • Specific prayers for self-healing
  • Select mantras to practice for Living in the Light
  • Methods for activation of consciousness
  • Techniques for self love and manifesting your Positive Intentions with Affirmations
  • Special Light transmission to cleanse and purify, heal and release what no longer serves you, and manifest your Highest Good
  • Tools and tips to support and sustain your process of awakening

Take this opportunity to be illumined and strengthened as an awakened soul and make sure that you can keep yourself aligned with the Light. You are a Way-Show-er, and Mirabai’s Spiritual Guidance and healing powers will show you how to the Light.

Yes, this can be you!

Join Mirabai Devi for an illuminating and also peaceful deep dive into the ways to access an accelerated ascension into the higher realms of consciousness (5D & higher).

About Mirabai Devi

Mirabai Devi is an international Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Divine Mother, Global Healer, and Interdimensional guide who has been healing, teaching and spiritually guiding millions of people across the globe for over 30 years.

Mirabai Devi also established her non-profit Mirabai Devi Foundation and her for-profit Mirabai Devi LLC which offers private sessions, group workshops, programs as well as public presentations at festivals and Conferences around the world. You can find her on YouTube and as a co-host on the “Messages of Infinite Light” podcast on the SuperPower Experts Network which has over 300,000 subscribers.

Learn More about Mirabai, her offerings and programs on the next page after registering for this webinar.

After my first darshan with Mirabai Devi I felt a huge amount of fear and anxiety being lifted off of me and re- placed by waves of bliss and a deep sense of peace. It was as if a large chunk of dark negative emotion that I had been carrying around forever had suddenly been miraculously transformed into light.John

Two dear friends had been nudging me to go to a “Mirabai Devi event”, but I was reluctant because of other ex- periences. Finally my curiosity overtook me and I went to an afternoon event. My friends had not told me what to expect. Mirabai walked to the front of the room and sat down. Never have I experienced love so completely in only an instant. The day when I received Darshan I saw a vision of pure, crystal clear water from pristine melt- ing snow; tumbling down a steep, virgin, mountain side; rushing over rocks and gravel in a rushing stream of beautiful light-water. Mirabai was the water; baptizing me, washing me, giving me light. This vision has never left me. Nancy

Thank you for the Healing Session 9/24/22

I am so glad I got "in" at the last minute. Your Session was divine timing for me. Very grateful!

Your opening was fascinating with the explanation of the Light transmission, karma etc. There were a lot of "Aha" moments for me. Before the Session, my stomach was in uproar but in the end, it was back to normal :)

When you led us into the Meditation, in the part of the "spiral up to heaven", my spiral was clockwise, and it was in a hurry to get to heaven and returned with a white object, like a white stationery folded in 3 and it entered into my left front brain and disappeared.

During the Meadow walk, (my pet) joined me :) It was fun and playful. We both got a mineral bath and that is where I drifted off to a light sleep.I feel peaceful and my stomach has definitely calmed down.

Thank you so very much for all you do and for being there for me in this part of my difficult journey with (my pet’s) illness and passing. You truly are a Godsend Angel here on earth!!

…You have been on my wish list ever since I came across your Light Transmission on YouTube, some time ago. They are very powerful and I feel them so strongly. I usually do not feel much from others during healing sessions or such but you are special :)

Blessing on your Miracle Journeys! …

Much Love & Light,A

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