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Power of Love is a spiritual community, uniting in Love, reminding each other to stay positive, focusing on Light. This is a community to go for instruction, direction and guidance. Each month, you will get access to thematic material that will serve to help heal, inspire, provoke reflection, enlighten, and illuminate personal and global awakening for you.
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We are in a very concentrated time of awakening. We have been moving through Kaliyuga, a time of darkness. It’s not easy because there’s a lot of pressure on us to wake up through complex and unpleasant circumstances. We are moving through a tough time but on the other side we will come out into a more awakened cycle. This is the reason why we’ve been experiencing such tough times. We are going through this for a purpose. As we move forward we will come ever increasingly into a time of even greater Light. It’s a time we’ve been waiting for, and the purpose is to get to the other side so that we may see the blessings of a more awakened humanity in the Golden Age.
Next Month Theme/Topic:

Freedom From Darkness