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Power of Love is a spiritual community, uniting in Love, reminding each other to stay positive, focusing on Light. This is a community to go for instruction, direction and guidance. Each month, you will get access to thematic material that will serve to help heal, inspire, provoke reflection, enlighten, and illuminate personal and global awakening for you.

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In a world full of confusion and change, the task of a Bearer of Light is to brighten our path. Light bearers carry the undertaking of creating positivity as our world undergoes a shift from the old way of living to a new world that is more conscious and vibrates on a higher frequency. A Light Bearer is an inspired creative being who lovingly lights the way for others, and plays an important role at this time in our history on Earth.
Next Month Theme/Topic:

Staying in the Light in a World of Instability

The Higher Self is the aspect of your soul that engages directly with this personality and this incarnation. It’s the version of you in this current timeline and in this body. It’s there to guide you through each and every daily situation and circumstance that arises. Join Mirabai Devi for next month’s topic that will delve into Connecting With Your Higher Self.
Next Month Theme/Topic:

Connecting With Your Higher Self