The experience of the physical reality that they talk about in Buddhism is that there is this impermanence, people that you Love may come and they go, business opportunities may fall short, our health may not be optimal and vital, our finances may be less than ideal and so on. Wecannot control what ishappening outside of ourselves even though our mind, ego or personality may wish to change it.Join Mirabai and our Membership Portal in October to delve into the topic of Letting Go of Controland to open into deeper levels of releasing control, attachments and expectations.
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Letting Go of Control

Bhakti Fest 10th Anniversary, Event starts in

The Yoga & Sacred Music Experience of a Lifetime!

Bhakti Fest is a premiere 6-day Yoga & Sacred Music Festival offering sacred music, a wide variety of yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and spiritual and wellness workshops and activities. Join our heart centered community as we celebrate in the magical high desert setting of the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, located in Joshua Tree, CA.


Bhakti Fest 10th Anniversary

September 12th - 17th, 2018

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