Guided Soul Journey
with Mirabai Devi

Individual Spiritual Discovery,
Development and Coaching

Multidimensional Soul Work
with Mirabai Devi

A New Guided Journey to
Clear Your Karmic Records

Take the journey and receive Intuitive Guidance,
Personal Readings, Energy Work, Light Work and more!

Experience deep transformation to become free of lifetimes of heaviness,
density, limitations, and feelings of being stuck.

Clear the way for your sovereign self to emerge.

              This is a new immersive intensive designed for you if
               you are ready to commit to your Soul's growth and evolution.

               Be prepared for a life-changing deep dive into clearing
               lifetimes of poignant soul imprints and memories that keep
               you stuck from manifesting your highest dreams Now!

Join Mirabai Devi as she guides you
through your individual journey within!

Did you know that your soul is multidimensional and has lived through many other lifetimes and timelines?  In fact, your soul is ancient! Did you know that not all lifetimes that you have lived were not just on the Earth, but in other dimensions and places?

Did you ever notice that there were many parts of yourself, that did not make sense, until you started to see that you are a synthesis or conglomeration of different selves that come from many different lifetimes?

Your soul is multidimensional and makes quite a journey around the wheel. Together we will unpack the elements of that journey that are keeping us stuck by providing a window into them. They may represent past lives, or other timelines, and this work gives us the ability to clear and learn our lessons and gain lots of rich experiences and wisdom.

Why a Guided Soul Journey?

The soul work you will do in the Guided Soul Journey differs from private session work with Mirabai.   

In a soul journey, we create a focused container together which extends over a six-week period. Within this flow, each session will build upon the one before so you can uncover more and more significant material with Mirabai’s expertise and guidance, to work on and further free you. 

We gather momentum and accelerate over time, which allows you to rapidly transmute and metamorphose.  Such deep soul change does not usually happen within the scope of only one private session. The Guided Soul Journey is an initiation that takes you from Head to Heart, from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension (and higher) reality, from resistance to open-heartedness, from ignorance to bliss, from suffering into freedom.  

With Mirabai’s Super-vision and this wholly spiritual work, you will experience the beauty and Love of the Divine and the Light beings that guide you through Mirabai to focus on deeply cleansing, healing, awakening, and manifesting.

In short, you will feel the opening of whole new life possibilities for yourself, your relationships, your health and wellness, and where you find profound meaning and purpose in your life. 

Everything will finally start to make sense to you. 

Should You Do This?

This Guided Soul Journey is for you if you feel ready to experience a new, profound level of expansion in your consciousness and life;  it is perfect for you if you are looking for a container to quantum leap in your spiritual practices and ready to receive profound healing, guidance and energy work on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and causal levels.

As past participants have shared, their work with Mirabai in this way has been described as the most powerful experience they've ever had; they never imagined how exponential their growth could be as they made profound life changing breakthroughs.

In this exclusively individualized program, you will spend your special time with Mirabai cleansing, healing and releasing all that no longer serves you, shedding past baggage and significantly Lightening your load. 

Your Journey

Your Individual Format Will Consist of Five (5) different Private sessions of various lengths:

~ Two 30-minute Spiritual Intuitive readings that include one-on-one Spiritual Readings, Lightwork, Energy work,  and Light Transmissions 

~ Two 20 min Off-Phone Individual Light Transmissions sessions

~ One 60 min Private Session (1 hour one-on-one session)  and a final 15-minute wrap up discussion. 

Dates and times will be set according to your and Mirabai’s availability. Ideally, your journey will take no more than six weeks. 

The Guided Soul Journey is unique to each individual. Even if you have done other journeys, Mirabai’s level of vision and her ability to go into other Realms and dimensions and clear the outstanding karma and patterns from them, to the level that she does, is incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind.  Your journey with Mirabai will take you to places that you had not previously had access to or may not have known about.  

The Work You Will Receive
in This Program

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Spiritual Intuitive Work
     Mirabai will put vision on you and your interpersonal
     and/or situational dynamics and uncover unseen or
     hidden information and bring it to the surface.

     Additionally Mirabai will offer intuitive counseling,
     tuning into information given from guides and the
     Inner Voice. Your steps will be mapped out and this
     will help you to learn to develop trust in your own

Life Purpose Work

     Many come to learn to discover their life purpose.
     Mirabai seeks to bring this purpose to the forefront
     and hone your individual gifts to help to magnify,
     enhance, develop them and bring them forth. 

Personal Process

     Identify any issues that you want to work on. Some
     examples might include improving your health,
     relationships, finances/ abundance, spiritual awakening,
     kundalini awakening, self realization and Samadhi, to
     name a few. 

Lightwork and Energy Work

     Mirabai will assess what you need and use specific
     tools to support you.  She may be dissolving
     blockages, cutting cords, working with the Light
     Beings, clearing negative energy, opening the
     heart and opening, clearing and activating the

     On another level, she may be opening portals,
     landing spaces of lights, doing past life regression,
     soul retrieval, illumination and Light transmission,
     reciting mantras and forgiveness prayers. 

     Mirabai will also work with Lights and etheric gels
     that clear negative energy memories, hurt or trauma,
     samskaras, patterns as well as frozen places. She
     may do Inner Child work.

Karma Burning and Dissolution

     Mirabai helps Individuals to burn through layers of
     personal Karma, family lineage Karma and Past life
     karma in this program.

I would like to unequivocally recommend this program to anyone who is interested in delving deeply into their personal "baggage" so as to offload that which is weighing them down in their progress toward inner expansion, lightness, freedom, clarity of vision and fulfillment. This is the "graduate level" program that you have been looking for.” ~ FJ 

How can you deepen your spiritual evolution through this guided journey?

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Dear Beloved Friend,

The Journey Within is a very important process in the development of your spiritual relationship with God. You can deepen your evolutionary growth through this special  program.

This individual program is for you if you are seeking to remove the blocks and obstacles. and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a journey within.

The Guided Soul Journey is unique to each person, and for this reason we will create an individualized, focused container so that you may go more deeply into your internal experience. We will work together to uncover patterns and programs to open into deeper connection with your Divine Self .

The invitation is to connect with the Divine within.

"With the help of the Divine Light, the pathway to Inner Knowing and
Inner Truth will open."



Guided Soul Journey

Come and do your Deep Inner Work with Mirabai Devi.
This Individual Mentorship Program is for individuals who are ready to experience a new, profound level of expansion, growth and mentorship in their Life with Mirabai; individuals who are looking for a container to grow in their spiritual practice; individuals who are ready to receive powerful healing, guidance and energy work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

This Program is life-changing and tailored for individuals who are interested in deepening their spiritual awakening and self love.

For many participants, this has been described as the most powerful experience they have ever participated in; they could not have imagined how exponential their growth would be; they have experienced such profound life changing breakthroughs.

This journey within and its individual mentoring will provide a much deeper connection with your Self and with the Divine. From that connection comes a far greater flow of ease and grace into the activity of our daily life.

This special time with Mirabai will also be spent cleansing, healing and releasing all that which no longer serves us.

Guided Soul Journey: 
A Discounted Package!

Valued at $2070, the Guided Soul Journey is now available at a more affordable price:    $1035 

  • a 50% discount because of the COVID pandemic
  • 2.9 hours of private time with Mirabai 
  • Payment plans are available if you need one!. Please inquire with Mirabai Devi Office.

Questions about
Guided Soul Journey?

Contact us at: (760) 216-1029
or email at:

The Guide Soul Journey Program with Mirabai Devi resulted in the removal of blockages that shielded my perception of who I am at the core of my being. It's becoming clearer that I'm not just a body with a personality and preferences but something much bigger, infinite, and eternal. I have a renewed and increased interest in awakening to my own nature, the Absolute, and also to get to know the Divine in its many subtle, manifest forms. The program also opened the capacity of the heart to be more open and loving resulting in a lessening of negative mental judgements of others.      ~ Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions that might pop up in you, knowing which will enable you to better understand the teachings of Mirabai Devi and help you to connect with your Divine Self.
How will my sessions be scheduled?

We will be working directly with you to set aside dates and times for your sessions that will extend over a six-week period. Please keep an eye open for an email or phone call from our Office to set up these session times.

Your sessions will take place via Zoom video so please plan to join via the link you are given versus dialing-in, if possible. Before your session date, you will receive an email with the Zoom link that you'll be using for your time with Mirabai.

Will I receive a recording of my sessions?

You will also receive a recording of your session time with Mirabai shortly after each session.

How can I best prepare for my time with Mirabai?
We will be sending you a questionnaire that we ask you to return to Mirabai several days before your first session. Since this is an intensive, the best use of your time with Mirabai will result from you declaring your intentions and staying focused on the calls.

How long will this program take?
In your
Guided Soul Journey, we create a focused container together which extends over a six-week period.

Within this flow, each session will build upon the one before so you can go deep and uncover more and more significant material with Mirabai’s expertise and guidance, to work on and further free you from obstacles and blocks.

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