The Power of Inner Listening
Private Session with Mirabai Devi
Are you struggling with physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues that are draining your energy and affecting your inner being? These are problems that are hidden beneath the surface but need to be healed, witnessed, and released. Only then can you become a pure soul and experience profound changes in your life.

Yes, these instantaneous and miraculous healings are possible in the presence of the Divine Light, in the form of private sessions with Mirabai Devi. Each private session is bundled with one or more monthly topics and you have the opportunity to choose any one that you feel will make a deep impression on your subconscious.

Select a monthly topic and study it right through to the core. Absorb the teachings and the guided visualizations and bring your thoughts and reflections to a private session with Mirabai Devi.

Every topic is designed to help you achieve incredible healings. Choose from Cleansing the Body, Self-Worth, Trust in the Universe, Financial Burden, and many more. Mirabai Devi will clear all your life’s doubts, enabling you to become a better person with a mind that is not cluttered with the distracting noises of trouble and your ego.

Join a private session with Mirabai Devi now!
It’s only $437 for a 2-Topic package.

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