Inner Listening Retreat
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A special event to help you move through extraordinary times

A special event to help you move through extraordinary times

For three days in October, Mirabai guided a powerful INNER LISTENING retreat that focused on removing the blocks to hearing your Inner, guiding voice. We have created a truly awe-inspiring experience for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Join Mirabai as you begin to discern your inner chatter and ego voice from the deeper voice that is always calling you to hold true to your Divine self. 

Imagine being able to become so familiar with your inner voice that you can lean into any time you are seeking guidance. Imagine being able to recognize the ego chatter of your mind and the strong voice of your inner critic and ignore them by recognizing for what they are: the voices that have come from external conditioning. 

Let Mirabai guide you to your divine inner voice -- the one that takes you to spiritual and energetic levels of healing and restores your relationship with your Inner Self. 

A Pathway Through Exceptionally Difficult Times

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This is the first solo retreat Mirabai has brought forth in many years. The topic is so important for the challenging, difficult, fear-driven, anxious external environment we are all asked to navigate.  

It's because of the external churn that Mirabai has chosen this time to help you open the pathway to Inner Listening. To follow the Inner Voice and inner guidance and act on it is your pathway beyond the trap of the limited 3-D matrix.

Once you discover your inner voice, you will find that decisions are made more easily, you naturally feel more centered and tuned in. You develop a high level of self trust and trust in the universe that comes from an unshakeable knowing. When you trust in your inner knowing, you will reduce anxiety and stress and experience wellbeing on all levels. 

You may feel that this is a meaningful topic for you but you don't think you can attend because you cannot.

Natural Benefits You Will Experience

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Some of the natural outcomes and benefits that come from being attuned and congruent with your Inner Voice involve your recognition that you are a Divine being. You are in constant receipt of messages from the divine within but may not know how to listen.  Your inner knowing, if you trust it to guide you, is your pathway through suffering.  

The promise of this special retreat is that you will easily be able to: 

  • Release Karma, Old Patterns and Outdated Belief Systems
  • Release and Transmute Limitations, Old Pain and Suffering
  • Connect with Your Soul and The Divine Light
  • Heal the Mental and Emotional Bodies from Separation
  • Open the Heart
  • Enhance Faith and Trust (in yourself)
  • Raise your Vibration
  • Open and Clear the Ways for Connecting with the Divine Self
  • Experience Joy, Positivity, and Peace

Included in this unique retreat

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  • Light Transmissions and energetic healings with MirabaiLight Work
  • Ascension and Awakening Teachings
  • Breath work and meditations to clean the energy and etheric body
  • Guided exercises
  • Deep, intimate sharings
  • An intimate experience of community in a virtual setting

The Spiritual Mentorship Program with Mirabai Devi resulted in the removal of blockages that shielded my perception of who I am at the core of my being. It’s becoming clearer that I’m not just a body with a personality and preferences but something much bigger, infinite, and eternal.  I have a renewed and increased interest in awakening to my own nature, the Absolute, and also to get to know the Divine in its many subtle, manifest forms.
The program also opened the capacity of the heart to be more open and loving resulting in a lessening of negative mental judgements of others.
Spring 2020

Dear Friend,

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, confusion; if you feel as though you cannot trust your inner knowing yet have a deep interest in intuition, inner knowing, and seek that divine guidance from within, then this retreat is for you. 

If you yearn for a deep internal experience to reconnect with the Divine Self, to open pathways to faith, trust, and love, then this retreat is for you.

The invitation is for you to connect with the divine within. 

What is Real is Always the Divine.
Always your Inner Voice.
Always your Inner Self, the God Self.
Find Out What is Real For You



Inner Listening Retreat

Online self-empowerment program


Welcome to Mirabai Devi's Inner Listening 3-Day Retreat! It's important to take time to focus on what Is Real. This retreat is designed to restore, reconnect and to learn to listen actively.We need to release old stuck patterns, blocks, fears, limitations,  negative emotions, empty the mind, and get really quiet inside.How do you access deep meditation?

How do you go deeply into Inner silence, to quiet the mind?Meditation brings serenity and helps one to let go.When an individual focuses on transformational work, they clear the slate and are able to reconnect with their Inner Self. Liberation comes through realizing Our True Self, our God Self.

Day #1: Introduction, Breathwork, Guided Visualization and Teaching Mirabai's teaching on Day #1 focuses on What is Inner Listening, The Nature of the Ego, Learning About the Different Ego Voices, and Our Daily Experiences in Today's World.

The true SELF is vast, expansive, connected with all things, loves us beyond measure, is our greatest cheerleader, wants the best for us etc. This is the Self that we want to guide everything in our life. It is The Guiding Principle.

Day #2: Prayer Practice, Mantra Practice, Inner Listening Practice and Exercises, Light Transmissions, It's important to focus on cleansing practices so that we can get to the Source of Light within us instead of being covered over with veils and shut off from our True Nature.

Day #3: Teaching, Meditation, Inner Listening Practice and Exercises, Wrap-Up Mirabai's teaching on day #3 focuses on Discernment, Separating Out the Voices of Judgment, Stepping Out of the Boxes, Listening to the Gut Brain, Practicing Sovereignty, and Going Into the Silence.

Participant will receive: 

  • Video (Zoom) & Audio (MP4) recordings 
  • Inner Listening Exercises (Written & Video Recorded) 
  • Written & Recorded Mantra Practices 
  • Written & Recorded Forgiveness Prayer practices.

Only $459 per person

Questions about the retreat? Please call us:  

(760) 216-1029

Mirabai's Virtual Inner Listening Retreat was a truly, life-changing experience that I will treasure for eternity! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to expand their consciousness and connect with their Inner Voice. The shifts in my awareness, insights and understanding of myself and consciousness were absolutely profound and deeply healing. Since completing the retreat the connection with my Inner Voice and the Divine Light has expanded massively and I am truly grateful for these blessings. This is the most profound and effective on-line retreat that I have had the pleasure to attend. It was an absolute honour and a privilege to be guided by Mirabai through this process. The whole retreat was conducted in the most warm, loving and professional manner. A huge thanks to Mirabai and her team. My gratitude is beyond words. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Inner Listening Retreat,  Fall 2020 - Rob. K

"I recently participated in an online Inner Listening retreat with Mirabai which was utterly transformational. The entire experience was deeply healing, nurturing, uplifting, inspiring and completely life changing.Mirabai’s presence, energy, wisdom and insight was profound and for me this retreat was beyond words and belief...since then my awareness and connection with my true self and the Divine Light has opened up in ways I could not begin to imagine or describe. It was a privilege and honour to be able to receive so much personal interaction and loving guidance from Mirabai and I am deeply grateful for the changes, deeper connection and feelings of expansiveness it has created within. I feel immensely humbled, blessed and greatly inspired by her and her work. So much appreciation and gratitude to the entire Mirabai team for their warmth, love and dedication which made everything possible and so enjoyable for all of us. A deep and heartfelt thank you to you all. Highly recommend this to will change everything. 

Inner Listening Retreat, Fall 2020 - Gaby. H

Frequently Asked Questions

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Inner listening is listening to the still, small voice of God within you. It maybe the softest and subtlest voice in your head, because it may present itself as quieter than the other voices.

The inner voice is the voice of our guidance. It is our inner guide that is showing up to show us the way. It’s the deepest inner-most truth that we’ve ever known.

There are so many different ego voices that come from the different fragments that make up our persona. We need to separate out the judgmental voice and the expectation that our inner voice comes with rolling thunder and lightning. This illusion has tripped us up and dismantled our self worth, causing destructive and harmful belief systems in our youth and many, many adults.

That is the purpose of the spiritual path. We are on this path to remove these programs that limit us, that keep us in a perpetual state of being conditioned robots in a programmed existence, instead of being free. And yet, the ego is fighting harder to separate from the Divine to become even more separate. The more the ego can keep us in separation, the more the ego is in control.And so this brings us back to the inner truth of our being: to be free from other people’s judgments and criticisms, to be free from other’s expectations of us and projections onto us.   

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