Private Light Transmissions Packages
There’s no better time than this moment to set healing intentions and work with the Divine Light to remove blockages and obstacles so you can manifest your intentions.

If you want to live well, you want to maintain a high vibrational frequency and keep healthy. Getting Light Transmissions does this for you!

Because we are living in unprecedented times where we are subject to deep level of darkness and negativity on Earth and facing a precarious future for humanity, it is extra important to cleanse and receive Light on a regular basis.

If you have experienced an addiction or any form of pattern that you’re trying to break, or if you’re experiencing physical or emotional illness; if you have an animal or human family member that is injured, suffering or sick, a package of Light Transmission sessions with Mirabai will be a life changer!

If you yourself are needing the support to get off medication, release from addictions, heal a physical condition or injury, or release pain, if you have had surgery, a Light Transmission package will provide the support that you are looking for!

Light Transmissions are a beautiful, safe, and direct way for you -- and pets as well as animals --  to receive the help that will accelerate healing. This unique opportunity is available for long-distance healing.You can be anywhere in the world and receive the Light.

You may want just one or prefer several. Whatever your needs, we have special four and six-session packages and are booking appointments. Each session is 20-minutes and your Light is delivered off-phone.
The Importance of Light Transmissions
Light brings Grace into our lives. This Grace can turn any situation around, as the Light transforms. Transmissions of Light are healing and serve to transform relationships, health, and support spiritual awakening. The power of Light transmissions can:
transform health conditions,
provide vital healing for the physical body, mental and emotional body
heal your relationships or heal heartbreak
open the heart
remove blocks to trust and self-love,
release limitations, support problem solving, and finding solutions.
open and clear the way for manifestation of your Intentions.
bring in the Light and open access to inner guidance,
restore faith in the Divine, and bring sanity and peace of mind.
transmute karma -- personal karma and family lineage, past life karma
restore positivity into all situations and relationships
heal and help one to overcome and replace addictions of all kinds with the Divine Light
and so much more...
In a private Light Transmission, Mirabai will direct the Light to address any issues and intentions that you bring to her. During this time, the Divine Light will work on these needs directly, and the more specific you are with your intentions, the more clear results you will receive.

Your time with her will include a one-time 10 -15 minute check-in over the phone on your first session, so Mirabai can assess what’s  happening with you, followed by a silent, private Light Transmission with your list of intentions for the remainder of your first session. The successive sessions will be Light Transmission based on your intentions. The total time for each session will be 20 minutes.

To convey your issues, you simply submit a list before you meet. Mirabai will view your list before and during your Light Transmission. This will provide you with more time in the Light and less time talking -- as might occur in a private session.

Please include a photo of yourself, your specific loved ones, and/or pets that you would like Mirabai to work on. It is helpful to Mirabai to view the photographs of those with whom she is working.

We have already seen dramatic benefits in people and in pets who have experienced regular Light Transmissions. Ongoing sessions help to prevent further declines in health and can work to heal loved ones.

They also support the removal of blockages that may be sabotaging what it is you want to manifest.

You are lovingly invited to set your healing intentions and let the Light Transmissions do the rest
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