On Love: Unconditional vs. Conditional Love Freedom Versus Binding Contracts
with Mirabai Devi

Thursday, February 23rd

8:00 - 10:30 pm EST / 5:00 - 7:30 pm PST

3:00 - 5:30 pm HST

February is the month of Love and this is our program to honor Valentine's Day and the theme of Love. This is Part #2 of our three-part series on Conscious Manifestation and in this program, Mirabai will focus on Love and the manifestation of unconditional vs. conditional love in our lives and the difference between the 2.

She will show the way into Love -- unconditional, unbridled, pure, ever-flowing ,Divine Love – and illustrate how this pure Love is so very different from human love and our limited perceptions which really have nothing to do with Love.
Everyone wants to have loving and fulfilling relationships. We are all connected through relationships. We each have a relationship with ourselves, with our spouse or partner, with our family, with our workmates, our friends, and with everyone in our life. We are in relationship with Nature and Mother Earth. We are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time. We are in relationship with the Divine.  

But when we have blocks and obstacles that come from repeated patterns, along with those that we carry forward from our family and lineage karmic programming and past lives, it is challenging for us to understand and heal our blocks,because we are limited in our vision to see all timelines and causes of these blocks. What we cannot see or perceive we cannot heal change or release.

Hence why we need someone who has vision to show us how to clear these painful causes that we don’t remember or retain. Our body and cellular memory never forgets and is always waiting for us to finally do the work and remember what we have suppressed.

It is work to fully open our hearts, and work through all the hardships and heartbreaks over time to have successful relationships. They don't just happen! They need our dedicated attention to see how we are responsible for what it is that we have created.
Personal relationships are a sacred aspect of our journey. They are constantly challenging us to create, express, and face our deeper issues and suppressed unconscious tendencies.

We are souls on our own journey interacting and learning our lessons from other souls and soul groups that help us along the way to grow and graduate to new levels. In the end, it’s all about loving and respecting and honoring ourselves, as the universe is a giant hologram reflecting back to us our manifestations.

When we lose sight of each other as people on a journey of self-discovery, then we have lost sight of the purpose of relationships. Seeing each other as souls who are evolving supports, allows, and encourages compassion, open-heartedness, patience and unconditional love.

Pure unadulterated Love is the Very Essence of The Divine and we are learning to not only receive it but also share it with others.

First we need to practice giving it to ourselves.

We can take baby steps in giving it to others and seeing role models around us like a a good parent to a child or a good Spiritual Master to their students.

Sometimes we experience positive karma or good luck in life where we simply feel loved or lucky or blessed. This can be a result of having created good karma in the past, though truly, it is something that we need to continue to develop and give back to others and be in service to life in order to have the good energy continue to flow our way.
What To Expect in this Program:
Love is our birthright, just as abundance is. While Love inspires the directions we take in life, true Love is based on soul commitments and lessons we need to learn. The various dimensions and aspects of our love relationships all serve a purpose in our spiritual growth.

You will emerge from the discussions, teachings, and practices with more awareness about the nature of love, what you can do to hold Love at the sacred center of relationships, and how Love serves to deeply challenge, in the way that Demons challenge Angels. Being in Divine Love instead of contractual human Love, you see, is not easy.

Conditional love is transactional and expectation-based. One’s behavior, actions, promises, and assumptions can produce disappointments and let downs where we become disillusioned over time and end up in conflicts and break ups. We cycle through many Relationships ships this way until we understand that we are attracting and creating what us within us in our relationships, which may seem defeating but actually we are just stuck in a pattern.

Relationship perceptions have a foundation in a concept or idea about love that is by definition limiting because it is not based on the wellspring that is infinite Love. Love begets more Love, but when love is conditional, the flow of Love is not constant, but rather gets turned on and off like a faucet. When someone hurts us, we don’t stop loving them, but we may need to remove ourselves from a negative behavior and take space -- but we don’t stop loving them.

In this program, Mirabai will work with the Divine Light Beings and move us through how to cleanse, heal, and deepen relationships through the Divine.

This program will cover specific topics:
Learning about how to manifest loving relationships vs. conditional relationships
Taking ownership in relationships - Conscious personal commitments, conscious leadership
Opening the Heart after heartbreak and hurts - affirming and identifying the sources
Authentic communication to clear communication in relationships
Removing obstacles and blockages within you and in your relationships -- the ongoing removal, every day, is necessary to help you dissolve resentments, anger, frustration, and move your toward open-heartedness
Opening the Flow of Giving and Receiving in your heart and therefore in your Relationships
Opening you to receiving Deeper Levels of Love in Your Relationships, we manifest what we believe we deserve.
This program will include:
Short Centering Meditation
Spiritual Teaching on Conditional Love vs Unconditional Love and what it is.
Practices to manifest and heal relationships
Group Light Transmission to cleanse and heal the heart and open to manifestation
Individual Light Transmissions to manifest loving relationships -- the gift that heals and cleanses, transmutes, and transforms when your intentions are clear. 
This special program will provide insights into what it is that allows you to continually experience mutuality, love, and joy in your relationships and what it is to be totally accepting of others as they are.
Learn how to open your heart to the unlimited flow of Love from the Universe.
Join Mirabai Devi for this special program !

On Love: Unconditional vs. Conditional Relationships Freedom versus Binding Contracts

Thursday, February 23rd

8:00 - 10:30 pm EST / 5:00 - 7:30 pm PST

3:00 - 5:30 pm HST

Sliding Scale: $85 - $150 per person

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