Small Healing Group

for Physical Healing

Cost: $100
Experience the power of Divine Light
to heal your physical and subtle body
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This small healing group is an opportunity for you to experience energy work and healing Light with Mirabai Devi within a powerful group setting.

In this three-hour program, Mirabai guides you through an experience of grounded, accelerated physical, mental, and emotional healing that will leave you feeling free of pain, more positive and blissful, and more aware of how to keep your body out of pain going forward with specific practices.
What You Will Receive
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Each participant will receive concentrated Healing from the Divine Light – pure, Loving essence of God, unlimited in its capacity to heal unconditionally. You will receive a special intuitive Reading that will get to the causal level of your pain or injury: Mirabai will work on you with Energy work and Light work to heal the causes and the symptoms. Mirabai will transmit healing Light directly into you.

Because these sessions are unique, Mirabai will record the session so that you can receive [the personal reading and the work again and again each time you listen, as the healing work comes through the technology just as well as it would in an in-person setting.
Why Join?
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Join this program to connect with Mirabai if you have been feeling a need for healing and support or are struggling with physical and health issues that undoubtedly also affect your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The focus of this program is going to be particularly on physical healing! Whether you have a chronic health condition, or you or your loved one have recently experienced surgery, or if you are dealing with physical pain or an injury, the intuitive reading will get to the causal level of this and the energy and Lightwork you will receive will help on many levels, including to speed up your physical healing.

Take this opportunity to focus and deepen your awareness of what underlies your physical pain or condition, what the karmic Influences may be, and the deeper issues that are hidden beneath the surface, and that need to come up to be healed, witnessed and released.
Format of the Program:
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Prayer Invocation
Teaching on how to heal the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body
Group Sharing
Group Light Transmission
Individual work
Light Transmissions for your Intentions
Spiritual Intuitive Readings
Energy Work
Integration time
The Zoom recording of the program is shared with you via email after the program.

With this program you are instructed to send your intentions and prayers in advance so Mirabai can work with your specific intentions at the time she is doing your individual work.

Small Healing Group

for Physical Healing

Cost: $100
The Spirtual Mentorship Program was amazing! Layers of limited thinking and dusty old belief systems were easily removed resulting in improved mental clarity,  increased physical energy, and a deeper spiritual connection. Thank you Mirabai!

June 2020
Let the Divine Light heal your physical
and subtle body

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Mirabai Devi has a deep connection to the Divine. Since she was a little girl, she has been trained by the Divine Light and the Divine Masters to channel the Divine Light into people and activate and awaken them to who they are. She is instrumental in speeding up an individual's healing process.

For the past 30 years she has traveled the world offering programs and group healings that have transformed the lives of millions around the world.

The teaching and healing you will receive from Mirabai will open you into the process of releasing all that no longer serves you and is contributing to your pain and will give you tools to empower you and accelerate your personal permanent transformation.

Being in this Intensive will cleanse you, help you heal, and help you become more in tune with your body and your relationship with the Divine.

Mirabai is available to support you in any capacity on a continuing basis after the Intensive.
Light Transmission Mirabai will channel the Divine Light to work on your needs directly, and further open you to pathways of permanent transformation and healing. You can lightly hold a specific intention or focus when she is in prayer/Light transmission for you. But most centrally your job is to soften, be still, and allow yourself to open to receive the Grace that is being offered to you, with humility and gratitude. Sometimes she will ask you to pray out loud with her, following specific words that she dictates to you. When she is done, Mirabai may give you some time in silence to integrate the transmission of Light, before speaking again with you. You may experience many different things when the Light is working on you. You may experience sensations in your body such as heat or tingling, or see images or light. Emotions from your past may present themselves for your awareness, love and release. You also may experience none of these things. Your experience is yours alone and it is exactly right for you. Sometimes people do not experience much during the session but then notice that things may feel lighter, or different afterwards. Again, there is no one correct way.
Lightwork Include working with Light Beings & Deities, working with colored Lights and etheric colored healing gels that clear negative energy memories, hurt or trauma, clearing negative energy, opening portals and landing spaces of Light & illumination.
Energy Work Includes cutting cords, clearing & activating chakras, psychic surgery, removing blockages, and clearing Samskaras, patterns and stuck or frozen places, inner child work, opening the heart, clearing negative energy, removing entities, communication with souls of loved ones and family members on the other side, helping souls cross over to the other side, inter-dimensional travel to access knowledge or for soul communication, past life regression, and soul retrieval.
Spiritual Reading During a reading Mirabai puts vision on you, shares with you what she sees that is blocking you and maps out what needs to be worked on. Mirabai's Spiritual Intuitive Work will focus on putting vision on you and your interpersonal and/or situational dynamics and uncover unseen or hidden information. Additionally she will tune into information given from her guides and inner voice. This will help you to learn your Life lessons and know how to proceed with your inner work.
Personal Process This is different for each individual. You can bring forth any issues on which you want to work. Some examples would include improving your health, relationships, finances/ abundance, spiritual awakening, life purpose, kundalini awakening, self realization and Samadhi to name a few.

Small Healing Group

for Physical Healing

Cost: $100
Having nearly completed Mirabai Devi's 1st 2020 Mentorship Program I would like to unequivocally recommend this program to anyone who is interested in delving deeply into their personal “baggage” so as to offload that which is weighing them down in their progress toward inner expansion, lightness, freedom, clarity of vision and fulfillment. This is the “graduate level” program that you have been looking for.

Spring 2020
More About Private Sessions with Mirabai Devi
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Mirabai works with individuals every day to open them to love, health, bliss, joy, and healing.

Private Sessions are offered in-person, over the phone, via Facetime, Zoom and WhatsApp. They are designed as concentrated, focused, intimate sessions to reveal, transform, and heal core issues involving relationships, finances, health challenges -- any personal issue.

In a private session you are likely to experience profound change as you cleanse and heal from what no longer serves you.

Mirabai's private sessions are popular and fill up quickly. If you are interested in a session, please book a session as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait a month or more for your one-on-one time.
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For more information about Mirabai Devi, including her complete bio, and to learn more about her programs and offerings please visit her website at and her Official YouTube Channel at
What is Real is Always the Divine.
Always your Inner Voice.
Always your Inner Self, the God Self.
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